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The process of searching for information on a given topic and also a bibliographic list of available resources on the topic.

We search for resources based on the factual and formal specifications given by the user –first of all in the electronic information sources of the Academic Library, in the catalogue of other libraries in the Czech Republic and other freely available sources.


Research process:

  1. A selection of suitable key words from the given discipline – in English, Czech or other languages 
  2. Proper formulation of a search query to use different search tools
  3. A selection of the most suitable information sources
  4. The search itself
  5. A selection of relevant results


The research service is free of charge for science and pedagogic employees of the university based on the form below.

We provide methodological advice to the students of the university, or we can offer participation in courses on working with information resources.

Research order - for science and pedagogic employees of the university only

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