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Thematic escape game related to Research Data Management (RDM): created by Lieke Mulder and Merel Talbi in collaboration with three Dutch universities. At the Vrije University Amsterdam, this game was played live in 2020 in addition to the online version. The game is really great, give it a try, too! In addition, you will find a lot of great links not only to data management, but also to identifiers (persistent) and much more. So don't hesitate!

What is the proper approach to data management? This link will guide you through data management and the mistakes you can make when managing your data: (also in Zenodo repository: The card game will soon be available in printed version and you will be able to attend a workshop during Open Access Week at the University of South Bohemia, and try the game off-line!

Another great game where you can take on the role of a digital curator (i.e. the person responsible for preserving data and digital objects/materials) and discover a mystery of digital projects is this one: ( It is a card-based board game and it is intended for professionals (managers, librarians, etc.) as well as Ph.D. students and early career academics.

The board games have different themes and one of them is directly related to Open Access which we know from the publishing scene. The link to the "OA-board game" can be found here: The game has been requested by our Academic Library. 

With a bit of skill, even Lego© can be used to create a game focused on replicability of (meta)data: This game for 4 to 24 players was designed at Glasgow University ( and  publikovala ( For a guide how to set up your game, see this ReadMe (ReadMe files provide the necessary information or metadata needed to add value to digital research objects):


A game focused on Open Science role and on Open Access: This game highlights the necessity of open communication and research sharing. The game will be appreciated by both novice researchers and experienced academics.

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