Study room reservation

After previous agreement, it is possible to use the space of the Club of AL or individual carrels.

Lending of these spaces is free for non-commercial events organized by teachers and students of USB. Access to the Club is provided by librarians from the information desk on the ground floor, for the access to individual carrels ask the librarian at the circulation desk on the 2nd  Floor.

Club of Academic Library

  • audiovisual equipment
  • about 30 seats
  • suitable for holding one-off lectures and forums
  • reservation address:

Individual carrels

  • 5 air-conditioned study rooms (3 with computer)
  • only available to students and staff of USB
  • For the duration of your reservation, you can store the library books in the carrel: the books must be borrowed on your card. If you want to store the books that are only for in-house loans, please, contact the librarian at the desk on the 2nd Floor.
  • reservations for up to 5 days, with the possibility of extension
  • reservations at the counter on the 2nd floor or via email: