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Österreich Bibliothek





Branišovská 31b 





České Budějovice, 370 05  [map]


Opening hours:

Mon-Fri  8 a.m.-8 p. m. | Sat 9 a. m.-4 p. m.




Library director:

Helena Landová



38 903 6600 (6601)




About Austrian Library

Austrian Library in Ceske Budejovice works since 1993. Austrian libraries mediate Austrian literature and information about Austria. Austrian Library in Ceske Budejovice is one of eight Austrian libraries in the Czech Republic. Others are in Brno, Liberec, Olomouc, Opava, Plzen, Znojmo and Usti nad Labem. Austrian Library is established and supported by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in agreement with the co-operating institution from the Czech Republic.

Collection of Austrian Library consists of  Austrian literature, e.g. books written by Austrian authors and literature about these authors, books focusing on Austria, its history, culture, present and professional publications Austrian authors in the history of literature, psychology, philosophy, science, etc. There are also periodicals as a part of the collection. The collection is being continuously updated.

Borrowing books
Austrian Library is located on the second floor of Academic Library USB allocated on the shelves. Fiction is arranged alphabetically by authors' names, reference books is included for individual authors.

Non-fiction literature is sorted by subject, the respective topics are marked on shelves. Borrowing books is regulated by the Library Regulations of the Academic Library.

The Austrian Library collection can be used by all registered Academic Library users (USB student or employee card holders, or USB Libraries card holders from the general public).


Book search: 
If you want to get an overview of the titles that are available to the Austrian Library use the online catalogue and type "Österreich-Bibliothek" in a search box (using Basic search interface).




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